Development Tool for ZigBee & XBee Mesh Network
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ZigBee Operator is a professional tool to learn, research, configure, develop, and test Digi’s ZigBee/XBee module. It implements both API encoder and decoder for Digi’s XBee & ZigBee Mesh and 802.15.4. Both AT and API commands are supported.

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  • Support all Digi’s ZigBee/XBee firmware
  • Support both AT and API mode
  • Decode API frame in details
  • Work with Digi’s ZigBee/XBee remotely through network
  • Store ZigBee/XBee module’s properties in database
  • Read & write most used properties of ZigBee/XBee
  • Select destination address from database
  • Explorer all modules in searching range
  • Show mesh’s topology in graphic mode
  • List all available serial port on computer
  • Show data in Text, Hex and Decimal format
  • View data sent & received in list
  • Multi list view supported
  • Load & Save list data in file
  • About Bee Explorer
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Bee Explorer is a FREE tool to explorer all available ZigBee Nodes in search range.

Bee Explorer List Mode
List Mode
Bee Explorer Diagram Mode
Diagram Mode
Bee Explorer Tree Mode
Tree Mode


  • Support both AT and API mode
  • Support both S1 and S2 series
  • List the node in list mode, tree mode and diagram mode